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Geoffrey Chaucer

About the poet:

Born: 1343 in London, England
Died: October 25, 1400 in Westminster Abbey, London

Chaucer is known for being the Father of English literature.  He was a poet, philosopher, alchemist, astonomer, beaurocrat and diplomat.

He worked for King Edward III as a valet and accompanied him on special expeditions.  There was speculation that King Edward enjoyed his writing so much that as a reward he received a gallon of wine a day for the rest of his life.  This continued when Richard II became king but later Chaucer received money instead. 

He also worked for Richard II but not not much is known about Chaucer after the point that Richard II was overthrown.  There is speculation that he was murdered by some of Richard's enemies but his death is listed unknown.

Parliament of Fowls by Geoffrey ChaucerPoetry: