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Charlotte Mew

About the poet:

Born: November 15, 1869 in Bloomsbury, London, United Kingdom
Died: March 24, 1928

Mew grew up the oldest of 7 siblings.  She lost 5 of her siblings to illness before she was 30.  Mew and her surviving sister decided not to marry as they didn't want to pass any illness to their children.

Mew's first writings were published when she was in her 20's.  She started with short stories and continued to publish in journals until shortly after her father died in 1898.  It was in 1912 when her poem "The Father's Bride" was published that she gained some attention for her writing.

She continued to write more poems but the money was not enough to live on.  Mew and her sister were forced to move out of their home and Anne fell ill and died.  This was so difficult for Mew that she moved into a nursing home and died shortly thereafter.

The Call by Charlotte MewPoetry: