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 Apple Snack
 Baby Jesus Haystacks
 Baby Moses in a Basket
 Bulgar Rolls with Raisins and Onions
 Candy Corn Cookies
 Chocolate Snake
 Crafty Snacks
 Creation Cookies
 Easter Story Cookies
 Edible Manger
 Fruit Kabobs
 Grasshopper Legs
 He's Alive Buns
 Honey spread
 Jacob's Ladder
 Jelly Bean Poem (Jelly Bean Prayer)
 Jesus Walks on Water
 John the Baptist Snack
 Joseph's coat of many colors snack
 Last Supper Snack
 Moses Crossing the Red Sea Snack
 Moses Parts the Red Sea Snack
 Noah's Ark Dog Biscuits
 'O'bey Donuts
 Old Scripture Cake
 Popcorn Praises
 Praying Pretzels
 Rainbow Cookies
 Resurrection Cake
 Resurrection Rolls
 Rice Krispie Earth
 Unique Christmas Cake
 Unleavened Bread and Tuna
 Wine-Coloured Jelly Goblets
Chocolate Snake
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Chocolate Snake