DLTK's Crafts for Kids
Teacher Appreciation Week

apple pencil holder

Apple Pencil Holder
Paper Mache

Age 5+

back to school crafts

Apple Pin, Necklace or Magnet
Styrofoam or Cardboard

Age 5+

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Back to School Crafts
Apple Terra Cotta Pot Goody Container

Age 5+

This is a great gift for teachers but it's also a good "Welcome to School" gift for an older sibling to give to a younger child!

MORE Apple Crafts

Awesome Apple

Awesome Apple Paper Craft

Age 2+

teacher's appreciation day coloring book pages

Coloring Pages / Posters for Teacher Appreciation Week

craft ideas

Muffin Flower Pot Craft

Age 4+


Poems for/about Teachers


Printable Bookmarks for Teachers

Age 3+


Printable Cards for Teachers

Also check out DLTK's Custom Cards

school writing paper

Printable School Themed Writing Paper

Vicki V Valentine Alphabuddies craft

Vicki V.  Alphabuddy

Age 2+

(I think she looks like a teacher --
if you make the paper craft, you can glue it to the front of a construction paper card)

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