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Sochi - 2014 Winter Olympics Crafts

coloring pages

WHY you ask...

Well, the Olympics started in Greece.  The 12 main greek gods were called "the Olympians".  I found it fun to tie this in when talking to my girls about the Olympics so thought I'd share.

sochi mascot coloring pages 

Age 2+

dove crafts

before the Olympic games open there is always a big ceremony which includes the release of white doves

Olympic Paper Plate Wreath 

olympic rings craft

Age 2+

torch.wmf (7158 bytes)

Age 6+

olympic torch craft 

Age 2+

Olympic wreath craft 

paper plate snowboarder or skier craft 

coloring pages

polar bears

curtis curling paper craft

Age 2+

sports buddy

Age 2+

saussiefriends.gif (2379 bytes)

Many different countries to choose from -- great for the Olympics!

winter sports crossword puzzles

printable scissors practice worksheets

winter sports word search puzzles 

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