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Sakura's Friends and Family:

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Aiden Avalon:  Sakura's father.  An archeologist who found the clow book centuries after it was first made.

Natasha Avalon:  Sakura and Tori's mother, Natasha, died when Sakura was just a baby.  But Sakura still dreams about her and Tori's pretty sure he's seen her ghost checking in on them from time to time

Sakura Avalon:  We already met Sakura and learned her incantation in the About Card Captors section, but just to refresh... she's the main character of the story.  She accidentally released the Clow Cards and is on a mission to recapture them all.

Tori Avalon:  Sakura's older brother -- he's in Grade 11.  He loves to torment Sakura (but will stick up for her if anyone else tries to!).  Tori's quite busy with his schoolwork, part time job and soccer (his favorite hobby)


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