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Sakura's Friends:

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Chelsea, Nikki, Rita and Zacchary:  Sakura's friends and classmates.  They don't know about the Clow Cards but sometimes get caught in the middle of an adventure without realizing it.  Chelsea and Nikki are in cheerleading with Sakura.  Zacchary is the class president.

Julian:  Tori Avalon's best friend, Julian, works very hard at school and sports and lives with his grandparents.  He's a nice guy that Sakura has a big crush on.  Trouble is, she gets a bit kerfuddled whenever he's around and just ends up stammering and blushing a whole bunch.

Besides being cute, Julian has a secret even he doesn't know.  The Clow Cards were made by a powerful sorceror named Clow Reed.  He used both eastern and western magic, to create the cards.  When he created the Clow Card Book, he was said that he split into two people.  One of them is Yue in human form, and the other is Eriols.  The secret Julian doesn't know is that he's Yue!  (see the guardians section for more on Yue)

Layla Mackenzie:  Ms. Mackenzie is Sakura's new math teacher.  Sakura really likes her, but there's something about her that Li isn't so sure about.  She seems to have some sort of magical powers and often shows up when Sakura is capturing Clow Cards.

Li Showron:  a very grown up 10 year old boy who's also trying to capture the clow cards.  Li is a direct descendant of Clow Reed.  He comes from a long line of magicians and Clow Reed's spells and history were taught to Li from a very young age.  In the beginning, Li didn't think Sakura was good/serious enough to be given the responsibility for the Clow cards, so they were pretty much at war when it came to making captures.  But over time, their respect for each other grew and they now mainly work together (they still have the occasional argument -- as friends often will).

As I said, Li came from a long line of magicians and knows a few incantations of his own:

Source of Light
With ancient spin
Send forth the magic
Power within!

Force, know my plight
Release the light!

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Li also has a magical tool called the Lasin Board.  It allows him to locate Clow Cards from far away

Japanese name:  syaoran li
english name: li showron
birthday:  july 13th
blood type: o
favorite subject: gym/math
least favorite subject:  japanese
club:  none
favorite color:  green
favorite flower:  peonies
favorite food: dim sum/chocolate
least favorite food:  yam jelly cooking
speciaty:  none
true love:  sakura

(Thanks to Heather and KendraMae for all of the above info!)

Madison Taylor:  Madison is Sakura's best friend and her third cousin.  She designs all of Sakura's outfits and video tapes the captures.

Birthday: September 3rd
Age: 10
Favorite Thing(s) To Do: Video Taping Sakura
Favorite Food(s): Sushi & Buckwheat Noodles
Favorite Subject(s): Music, Japanese
Favorite Color(s): Beige & White
Favorite Flower(s): Voilet & Cherry Blossom

(Thanks to Heather for all of the above info!)

Meilin Rae:  Meilin is an exchange student who has come to help Li capture the Clow Cards.  She doesn't have any magical powers, but is great at gymnastics, martial arts and sprinting which comes in handy when dealing with the Clow Cards' powers.  Meilin secretly has a crush on Li and is jealous of other girls who have anything to do with him (including Sakura!)

Birthday: March 25th
Age: 10
Extracurricular Activity: Martial Arts
Favorite Food(s): Chinese mushrooms
Favorite Subject(s): Music & Gym

(Thanks to Heather for all of the above info!)


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