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Guardians of the Clow:

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Kero (Kerberos):  This is an odd little stuffed animal looking character -- in fact he pretends to be a stuffed animal when strangers see him.  Kero has been the magical Guardian of the Clow Cards for  thousands of years.  Unfortunately, he was taking a bit of a nap when Sakura came along and accidentally released the cards.  
Kero has an incantation too:

Ancient Cards of Clow
Give me Vision now!

Kero now works with and guides Sakura in her quest to find the cards.  He's a bit goofy sometimes, but he can get down to business too.

Kero's favorite pastimes are eating, playing video games and sleeping

Kero's original form isn't actually a little stuffed animal.  Once Sakura collects the Earth and Fire cards (they are the source of Kero's power), then he'll change to his true form.

Kerberos:  Remember when I mentioned that Kero would revert to his true form when Sakuro got ahold of the Earth and Fire cards?  Well she actually manages it and Kero turns into something that looks a bit like a big, winged cat.  

It is Kerberos' image that is on the front of the Book of Clow

Kerberos is the guardian ruled by the sun.

Yue:  Yue is the second guardian of the Clow Cards (for more info on him, read the piece about Julian).  Yue will reveal himself only when Sakura has captured all of the cards.  At that point, Yue will test Sakura to judge if she is she is worthy to be the new master of the Clow Cards.

Yue is the guardian ruled by the moon.


Note from a viewer:  Clow was seperated into Eli (Eriol) and Aiden

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