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Craft Recipes

 Air Dry Clay
 Air Dry Clay #2
 Air Dry or Bake Clay
 Air Dry or Bake Clay #2
 Bath Salts
 Bead Clay
 Bubble Bath
 Bubbles and Bubble Blower
 Chocolate Mint Spoon
 Cinnamon Craft Dough
 Coffee Grounds Playdough
 Colored Macaroni
 Colored Rice
 Colored Sand
 Cooked Play Dough
 Cookie Paint
 Corn Syrup Paint Greeting Cards
 Easter Eggs
 Edible Aquarium
 Face Paint
 Finger Paint
 Fingerpaint #2
 Halloween Sucker Crafts
 Kool-Aid Playdough
 Little Cups of Tea
 Magic Potion
 Oatmeal Playdough
 Paper Mache Paste
 Peanut Butter Clay
 Play Snow
 Rubber Blubber
 Salt Crystal Art
 Sawdust Clay
 Silly Putty
 Smelly Christmas Puddings
 Soap Crayons
 Stamp Glue
 Transparent Paper
 Uncooked Play Dough
 Water Sprinkler Body Paint
Bath Salts
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Bath Salts