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DLTK's Countries and Cultures
Egyptian Activities for Children

Egyptian Coloring Pages:
fantasy and medieval coloring book pages

animals coloring book pages

Camel Coloring Pages

egypt coloring book pages

Egypt Coloring Pages

Egyptian Crafts for Kids:
camel craft

Camel Egg Carton Craft

Camel Silhouettes Paper Craft

crocodile craft

Crocodile Paper Craft

Crocodile Toilet Paper Roll Craft

egyptian bookmarks

Egypt Bookmarks

Age:  when they begin reading

pharaoh mask

Egyptian Pharaoh Mask
Paper Mache

Age 6+

mummy craft

Mummy Toilet Paper Roll Craft

Age 3+


Origami Pyramid

Age 10+

camel craft

Paper Camel Silhouettes

Age 4+

Best if child can use scissors

pyramid craft

Paper Pyramid Craft

Age 3+

pyramid name tag

Pyramid Name Tags

sand paper art

Sand Paper Art

Age 4+

simple but effective... children younger than age 4 can use the art technique, but may have a tough time creating a realistic Egyptian drawing as it's done free hand -- you'd be better off letting them draw flowers or rough sketches of people.

Other Egyptian Activities:

Write Your Name in Hieroglyphics

Age 5+

jigsaw puzzle 

On-line Jigsaw Puzzles

Other Ideas:

  1. Cats were highly respected in Egypt.  Their owners often even mummified them!  Check out the Cat crafts and the Cat coloring pages
  2. Egypt is famous for its poisonous snakes.  The story is told that Cleopatra killed herself by letting a snake bite her.  Check out the Snake coloring pages.
  3. Daniellesplace Egyptian Section - includes all sorts of neat ideas for making an Egyptian costume and jewelry.

Book Suggestions:

Learn About Pyramids, Peter Mellett
Lorenz Books
1998 Anness Publishing Limited 

Thanks to Blair for contributing this book suggestion, suitable for Ages 10+

Egypt (First Discovery Books)
by Claude Delafosse, Philippe Biard (Illustrator), Gallimard Jeunesse, Phillip Biard


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