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Scotland Crafts and Activities for Kids

Special Days in Scotland:
bag pipers

Burns Night

Scottish flag

St.  Andrews Day

(Scotland's National Holiday)

Scotland Crafts for Kids:
bagpiper paper craft

Bagpiper Paper Craft

Age 2+

Bagpiper Toilet Paper Roll Craft

Bagpiper Toilet Paper Roll Craft

Age 3+

Golf Bear Toilet Paper Roll Craft

Age 3+

Golf began in Scotland -- it's still a very popular sport there

fantasy crafts

Medieval and Fantasy Section

the link goes to generic medieval crafts, but many would suit a Scottish theme -- the unicorn, shield and castle crafts in particular.

Thistle Paper (Shapes) Craft - choice of template with/without a face.

The Scots thistle is the National Emblem of Scotland.

Scotland Games and Puzzles:
jigsaw puzzle Scotland Jigsaw Puzzles

Scotland Printables:
coloring pages Scotland Coloring Pages

dog tracer pages Scotland Learn to Print Tracer Pages

Scottish Word Puzzles

Scotland Themed Word Puzzles


Word Mining

Word Search

Animals of Scotland:


The most common bats in Scotland are the "pipistrelle bat" and the "brown long eared bat"

hedgehog craft

Hedgehog Paper Craft
Hedgehog Toilet Paper Roll Craft
Hedgehog/Porcupine Paper Plate Craft

A bit of a pest to Scottish gardeners



The Cairngorm Reindeer Herd is the UK's only herd of reindeer, found free ranging in the Cairngorm mountains in Scotland.



A big industry in Scotland for centuries, there are still many working sheep farms.

Squirrels crafts


Red squirrels are natural animals in Scotland (they've always lived there). They are struggling right now because grey squirrels from North America were brought to the area long ago and are taking over from the red squirrels.


Unicorn Cross Stitch Pattern

Age 10+

The Unicorn is a heraldic symbol of Scotland and is considered their national "animal".


Unicorn Toilet Paper Roll Craft

Age 3+

The Unicorn is a heraldic symbol of Scotland and is considered their national "animal".

Of course, there a lot more animals in Scotland.  Check out our animals section for a full list of animals from around the world.


Scottish History:

Scottish themed poetry:

Scottish poets: