DLTK's Canadian Brownies Section
Brownie Interest Badges

The Brownie program in Canada changed this year (fall 2004) so I've updated this section to reflect that change.

I find some girls are very motivated to do the badges but as a leader I used to find that many moms would seek me out in desperation asking how they might guide their children in completing some aspect of a badge.

I've put this section together in the hopes that it will help new leaders, moms and Brownies with some of the tougher aspects of the Brownie Outlooks.

"Key to the Arts" Interest Badges

"Key to Me" Interest Badges


"Key to My Community" Interest Badges

"Key to I Can" Interest Badges

"Key to Active Living" Interest Badges

"Key to STEM" Interest Badges  (science, technology, engineering, math)

"Key to the Living World" Interest Badges

"Key to Camping" Interest Badges

"Key to Girl Guides" Interest Badges