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DLTK's Recipes for Kids...and Parents

Holiday - Halloween

 Bloody Hands Beverage
 Bubblin' Witch's Brew
 Candy Corn Cookies
 Chocolate Bar Bugs
 Chocolate Orange Ooze Cupcakes
 Cool Ghosts
 Dead Rat Cupcakes
 Edible Aquarium
 Exploding Chocolate Frogs
 Eyeball Potion
 Eyeballs in Slime
 Frightful Punch
 Funny Teeth
 Ghost Cookies
 Ghoulish Ice Cube Popsicles
 Goblin Juice
 Graveyard Pie
 Halloween Black Cat Cookies
 Halloween Ice Cubes
 Haunted Rice Krispie Squares
 Magic Wand
 Marshmallow Spiders
 Monster Parts
 Monster Toes
 Mummy Fingers
 Nutter Butter Ghosts
 Popcorn Ghosts
 Pumpkin Soup
 Roasted Pumpkin Seeds
 Scary Muffins
 Spider Cake
 Spider Cookies
 Spider Cookies
 Spider Legs
 Spooky Popsie
 Squishy Red Eyeballs
 Taffy Apple Cookies
 Toadstool Punch
 Tombstone Cupcakes
 Vampire Blood Punch
 Vampire Cupcakes
 Witch's Brew
 Witch's Brew 2
 Witch's Broomstick
 Witch's Broomstick 2
 Witch's Fingers
 Witch's Hand
 Witch's Hat
 Witch's Toenail Clippings
 Witch's Warty Fingers
 Worm Jelly
 Worm Pudding
 Zombie's Arm
Roasted Pumpkin Seeds
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Roasted Pumpkin Seeds


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