DLTK's Crafts for Kids
Transportation Crafts

airplane craft

Airplanes from Styrofoam Meat Trays or Egg Cartons

Age 4+ (but Age 2+ would enjoy helping/playing with the craft)

cone paper craft

Airplane Party Hats

three dimensional bus paper craft Bus 3D Paper Model

Age 6+

school bus activity worksheet

Bus Activity Sheet

Draw the children on their way to school

Age 2+

school bus craft

Bus Craft (Egg Carton School Bus)

Age 2+

school bus paper craft

Bus Paper Craft

Age 2+

Car Mobile

Cars Mobile

Age 3+

car craft

Car Shapes Paper Craft

Age 2+

construction mobile

Construction Mobile

Age 2+

If you like construction, try the Construction Section

Dog sled craft

Dog Sled Three Dimensional Paper Craft

Age 7+

Includes templates for cute little 3D huskies to pull it!

dump truck craft

Dump Truck from Styrofoam Egg Cartons

(no template for this craft, but there are photos of the steps to follow along)

Age 5+ (but Age 3+ would enjoy helping/playing with the craft)

fire truck craft

Fire Truck Egg Carton Craft

Age 2+

If you like fire trucks, try the Fire Prevention Section

fire truck paper craft

Fire Truck Paper Craft

Age 2+

If you like fire trucks, try the Fire Prevention Section

Halves Boat Paper Craft

Halves Boat Paper Craft

Age 2+

Hot Air Balloon Crafts

milk carton pirate ship

Milk Carton Pirate Ship Craft

Age 4+

milk carton galleon

Milk Carton Spanish Galleon

Age 4+

ark crafts

Noah's Ark Crafts

origami boat

Origami Boat

Age 8+

Transportation Paper Plate Wreath

Paper Plate Wreath

Age 3+

Transportation Shrinky Dink Patterns

Shrinky Dink Patterns

Age 6+

tugboat craft

Theodore Tugboat Paper Craft

Age 3+

Thomas the Tank Engine Paper Craft

Thomas the Tank Engine Section

crafts, coloring, cards, calendars, etc.

Train (Locomotive Engine) Paper Craft

Age 2+

train craft

Train Paper Craft

Age 2+

Shapes train paper craft

Train Shapes Craft

Age 2+

Tugboat paper craft

Tugboat Paper Craft

Age 2+

Thanks to Tamara for the following idea:  Also another idea for the transportation section: we picked up a bucket of primary color foam shapes yesterday and used squares and circles to make a train. (two medium and one small square on top for the engine; two medium squares for a coach or freight car; tiny circles for wheels and gradated circles for the smoke plume. Connected the cars with little bits of yarn and painted black tracks. All glued to a long narrow piece of tagboard. (you can probably tell that at the moment, Will is not much interested in anything "un-train" so we're doing alot of those types of things lately! :o) ) But this is good for practicing colors and shapes and sizes for preschoolers---anything from "I need a square." to "Can you find me a red circle?" to "Look for a (big/little) purple triangle." Depends on the development, skill and attention of the child. Can also point out that combining shapes makes other shapes such as two squares make a rectangle. Foam shapes are a great sorting activity so it's fun to have the bucket full and Will thinks that shapes are pretty cool anyway and just loves to play with them! AND they are more durable than the paper kind so more reusable after being knocked around by an active 3 year old!

Note:  if you're having trouble imagining a train made of shapes, click here for a picture of a shapes engine to color