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DLTK's Recipes for Kids...and Parents

Course - Dessert - Cakes and Cupcakes

 Blue's Clues Cake
 Butter Tart Squares
 Carrot-Beet Cake
 Cherry Cheesecake
 Chocolate Cake
 Chocolate Cake Pops
 Chocolate Orange Ooze Cupcakes
 Coca-Cola Cake
 Dead Rat Cupcakes
 Dog Bone Birthday Cake
 Doggy Paw Print Birthday Cake
 Dump Cake
 Easter Basket Cake
 Easter Basket Cupcakes
 Easter Bonnets
 Easter Bunny Cake
 Easter Bunny Cake
 Easter Nest Cupcakes with Speckled Easter Eggs
 Fourth of July Cake
 Fudge Truffle Cheesecake
 Hannukah donuts (Sufganyot)
 Heart Shaped Cupcakes
 Hello Kitty Birthday Cake
 Ice Cream Dessert
 Jello Cake
 Lego Birthday Cake
 Mouse Cupcakes
 Old Scripture Cake
 Passover Chocolate Torte
 Pink or Chocolate Lamingtons
 Power Pudd Girls Cake
 Princess dress cake
 Rainbow Cake
 Rainbow Easter Cake
 Resurrection Cake
 Rhubarb Coffee Cake
 Rice Krispie Earth
 Scary Muffins
 Spider Cake
 Tombstone Cupcakes
 Unique Christmas Cake
 Vampire Cupcakes
 White Christmas
 Wizard of Oz Cake
Fourth of July Cake
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Fourth of July Cake


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